Sorry.... I am different!

I admit that I am different

I boycott KFC, Mc Donald and other product that support Zionist
I don't listen to music and I don't watch movies 
I don't hang around and I don't gossip about others

I don't wear perfume neither striking colour cloth
I don't follow fashion and I don't know who is the latest American Idol
I don't have I-Phone but I love to have one
I don't have BMW but it doesn't mean I ride camels

I wear hijab :) and I proud of it
Hey but I wash my hair and keep it always clean
I wear niqab not to hide my pimples or scar
But I fall in love to be a stranger when others seeking for attention

I wear black not because I hate pink
But I wanted to help others to lower their gaze

I recite qur'an and I have no time reading magazine
But I bet that I can answer all your Question about science and math! =) History as well

I have no boyfriend neither looking for one
Because I wanna be the only one for the man that Allah chosed for me

Don't pity me of who I am
Because I pity those who pity me =(

You can stare at me, you can talk bad about me
You can call me an alien, or a ninja and that makes me more happy ;)

I Love Allah
And since then, I turned this way
All I want is to be HIS beloved <3 and that's the reason why I am this way

I fear Allah and HE is my greatest strength
I am sure Allah is with one whom LOVES HIM
And InshaAllah, Allah with me!

by : FeeSabilillah sisters...


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