WHERE ARE BETTER: veiled but depraved or not veiled but certain character Fine

"Better my heart covered first, rather than veiled but his heart is not covered."
"Trick will not have covered aja, richer than the A veiled but still often disobeying Allaah."
"If the headscarf is not ready, better not have to wear ga first!"
"I have not been able to improve my behavior, I'm not ready yet so I'll wear the hijab headscarf wearing aja."
"I really want mamakai headscarf, but still not ready."
"I really want mamakai hijab, but the embarrassment was not used."
Perhaps we often hear sayings like the above or similar. Where a statement or views as above makes a no or delay Sisters veiled.
It is undeniable that there are among Muslim women who wear hijab are there who still performs acts that do not reflect the moral or morals of Islam. This is what later led to a lot of views in the community who argue as above. They are being cynical and pessimistic about the hijab.

One of the many views that we encounter in society is the existence of the view that "It's better if not ready do not have to wear hijab before, rather than veiled but still performs acts or depraved sinners. " This view is also often deceive the Muslim so that refuse or delay in carrying out its obligation to wear the hijab. If we look at the views of this kind, we can be analyzed as follows:
There are two statements which we can draw from this view, namely:
  1. Veiled but depraved
    The Muslim headscarf, but still many are also violating the Shari'a-Islamic Shari'a other.
  2. Not well covered but a certain character
    The women who do not or have not covered but did not violate the Shari'a-Islamic Shari'a others, unless the hijab.
The views as above assume that the statement b is better than the statement a. Is this true? Or Which of these two things better?
The answer is no better than those two things. No more than two alternatives violations, because of both of them are no good. When a Muslim has Baligh or adult then obliged him to wear veil. The moral issue or moral that is another case where there are separate laws that govern them. Perhaps we need first is the faith that the headscarf is an absolute obligation for a Muslim adult. Many of the postulates of kewajibab veiled,
"O Prophet, say to the wife-wives, daughters and wives of people believers: 'Let them out scarf around their bodies'. That they are so much easier to be recognized, therefore they are not alone. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. " [QS. Al-Ahzab (33): 59]
"And let them cover with a cloth veil kedadanya, and do not reveal their adornment except to their husbands, or fathers, or fathers of their husbands, or their sons or their husbands sons, or brothers and their brothers, or sons of their brothers, or sons of their sisters, or women of Islam, or the slaves they owned, or the servants of men who have no desire (for women) or children who have not understand about women's private parts. " [QS.AnNur (24): 31]
Word of the Messenger of Allaah alahi yours respectfully narrated by Abu Dawood from 'Aisha, saying:
"O Asmaa! Indeed, if an adult woman / old age, it is not worth revealing something of himself but this and this. " Messenger Shallahllahu 'alaihiwassalam said as he showed the face and both hands up to his own wrist.
Noteworthy also is how to use the hijab correctly or according syar'i.Because if we look at society, many Muslim women who use the hijab is not in accordance with criteria of the Shari'a. Many of us hear the term "hijab slang", "fashionable hijab", and so forth that may be all I can say that such can not be called a hijab. Therefore should every Muslim who wears hijab, learn how the criteria for Hijab in accordance with Shari'a.
Worn with a headscarf who was right, God willing, will give great influence to do good, while the take off and can open great opportunities for the way the various sinners. Because, basically, is not covered is disobedience.While the hijab is not negative and not close the possibility of ensuring the good of all but the positive impact achieved by the veiled woman is far better than women who are not veiled. For women who veiled it has obtained some of the goodness / virtue, while others must be filled with the goodness of other kewajibab. The goodness that comes from the aura of science, faith in God and takwanya subhanahu wata'ala.
And what about the woman who has not been covered but not because he refused to delay but for various reasons such as embarrassment are not yet familiar, yet ready, or will be, etc.?
For my sisters who are still procrastinating headscarf should realize that aging and death could come at any time. We do not know when we kill the grim reaper. What next year? Next month? Tomorrow? Or maybe in an hour. Remember my sister's death which came suddenly. We should immediately repent and start wearing hijab properly. God will not accept repentance person when it came death, and death will not be postponed or brought forward.
Messenger of Allaah alahi yours respectfully hate people who feel a long life, with his saying,
"Truly I fear most for my Ummah that lust is still a long felt in years.The passions of the truth and mislead the human passions that still feels its age long (length chimera) all that will be forgotten on the final day."
Allaah knows best
- Al Quran and translations
- Ibn Mulhandy. Haj., Kusmayadi, and Amir Taufik. "Sixty-One Frequently Asked Questions About Hijab". 1992. Bandung: Espe Press


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